Miami Heat vs. Dallas Mavericks Game 5 Live on Thursday

Heat vs. Mavericks game is perhaps one of the most exciting game to watch this NBA Finals. The teams tied the series 2-2 on game 4. Certainly, the Mavericks prove they have it to get back to Heat after winning 86-83 this Tuesday, live at their own home. Miami Heat's coach, Erik Spoelstra has to work hard to push his team as there are only 3 games left.  Mavericks's Tyson Chandler is the team's top performer this thursday. While Dwayne Wade gets the highest point for Miami Heat.

Check out Miami Heat vs. Dallas Mavericks Game 5 live on Thursday at 9:00 p.m. ET. Catch them at ABC or TSN or you may buy tickets online for the game! Don't dare miss watch Heat vs. Mavericks Game 5!

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